Lord Litter’s Radio On Show #24 – The Generations Unlimited Story, part 2

The introductory story to the first part of LL’s trilogy on Generations Unlimited can be read here.

In the second part of the Trilogy we hear Chris Penalosa talk about his first encounter with Generations Unlimited and the impact it had on his view on music. Gen Ken Montgomery gives an insight in the goings-on while the Generator, the cassette culture meeting place in 1989, was resurrected in the P1 area of the MoMa in New York. Originally scheduled to run for a month, the Generator stayed in residence for six months, thanks to an overwhelming response of audience and artists alike. At the heart of this cultural exploit was a modest and simple medium: the compact cassette tape.

Lord Litter puts it like this:“in a strange way I think that the *network/culture/concept* is (again?) extremely important these days where the in-depth aspect of a network culture gets totally perverted by *Social Media* ( .. .) at the moment I think all kind of people realise this – everyone with a slightly different approach  .. so the cassette again becomes a cultural aspect.”

The Playlist and links

The Generations Unlimited Story
…………….then and now

Gen Ken Montgomery and Chris Penalosa at Trash Tone Berlin Studio / Interview


PART 2 – The Now
.. a conversation .. Chris Penalosa and Gen Ken Mongomery talk about what’s
going on now…


1. Chris Penalosa – other side of transience – unreleased

2. Arcane Device – Noise Matrix Alpha – MC – Noise Matrix


3. Gen Ken Montgomery – Those Annoying Disturbances – MC – Stepping Through Rooms

4. Stefan Tischler with Blair Petrie – The Expected One – MC – Various Artists, No Borders Compilation


5. Gen Ken & Conrad Schnitzler – Conclusion – MC – GENCON

6. Rollikommando – Machinations – MC – Various Artists, No Borders Compilation

7. Arcane Device – Noise Matrix Epsilon – MC – Noise Matrix

8. preview PART 3 – Special Guest Star: David Prescott
– Ludwig van Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata


CON-MYTHOLOGY #183 -video- 12 August 2016
An evening of audio and video celebrating Schnitzler’s life and work with Gen Ken Montgomery, Wolfgang Seidel, Chris Penalosa and Doron Sadja


Generations Unlimited:

Gen Ken Montgomery

Conrad Schnitzler – Deutsch



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