How many years has it been are radio years measured differently cassettes are fallible unreliable don’t believe a word they say I am currently recording over Bible cassettes these are the most unreliable I have met stopping suddenly stubbornly refusing to move no point shouting waste of time readjustment is needed fetch the screwdriver it is not a threat you can believe me I am the voice on the radio this is a monthly show recorded for Radio-On, Berlin.

Words from Dai for this months show : ‘Here’s the new show. Slightly different. I had to stop using the ‘Bible’ tapes, they are all really weird/long lengths & I think they were burning out the motors on my tape recorders… & have you seen the price on 2nd hand tape recorders? Incredible!

Now I just use one c60 tape & I will tape over it every month. Editing the bible tapes down to 58 mins was also a pain in the bum. If I chopped stuff out at random to get 58mins I always ended up with more bible than shouting. If I tried to edit out the bible stuff, it took days. JESUS CHRIST!’

Guerilla recordings with a handheld walkman

Dai’s monthly show combines lofi cassette quality

with raw sound poetry and recordings from his every day life.

Old tapes are used in the process. The original message or song leaks through.

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