mix for Elena – current and future sound of PARIS_KAVKAZ by Nazlo Records

hello, stranger

this are somehow the chosen parts of the material we released more or less recently, patching and linking together two already interconnected mentally regions – have you ever heard that 80 in french and in georgian is ‘4 times 20’? great minds think alike, i have to say – anyway, we (who?) dedicated months of life to this, at some point listening and mastering in a semi-abandoned hotel on melikishvili street, at some point riding a bike through rain with a box of tapes and other stupid stuff not to mention all the rest like recording this materials and in general coming to this point in life when your music is released by nazlo records on a tape – did you mom really raise you for this?… millions of years of genetic and cultural evolution end up like this?.. apparently that’s exactly what happens, at least on some level

the tracklist – the rest is obviously available on our bandcamp taken from respectful releases, you’ll find your way – except for the second part, it was released on Higland Sound

lust customer / Dolphin Hospital + Mårble + Circular Void / Nystagmus / D.D. Dobson & Buffalomckee / Mårble & Dolphin Hospital