Anders Östberg is with Radio On since April 2014. Every seven months he sends a new show. Each show is built around a theme. The songs you hear are taken from his vast collection of records. Most of the time the shows are related to cultural or fashion movements in the 1960s and 1970s, movements that appeared for a brief moment and disappeared again, without hardly leaving a trace. Anders shows can be regarded as collections of oddities, but if you look and listen deeper you will see the image of what once was, and now is no more.

Word to Anders
“Some of my favourite obscurities released in the wake of the Beatles Sgt. Pepper album. So here we have princesses, toymakers, azaleas, rhododendrons, dwarfs and wizards that tells you a story in 10,000 words in a cardboard box through the eyes of a lifetime. Enjoy!”


Intro  –  Whitewood  – 1970
Through The Eyes Of A Lifetime: The Poem  –  Agincourt  –  1970
Two Little Ladies (Azalea & Rhododendron)  –  Crocheted Doughnut Ring  –  1967


The Sky Children  –  Kaleidoscope (UK)  –  1967
Trip on a Orange Bicycle  –  The Orange Bicycle  –  1967
Dogs In Baskets  –  Geranium Pond  –  1968


Alice Through the Looking Glass  –  Pete Howell  & John Fernandino  –  1969
Three Jolly Little Dwarfs  –  The Orange Machine  –  1968
Oliver In The Overworld  –  Freddie & The Dreamers  –  1970


Sister Saxophone  –  Turquoise  –  1967
The Princess And The Soldier  –  Richard Barnes  –  1968
Toymaker  –  Wild Silk  –  1968


February’s Child  –  Just Plain Smith  –  1969
The Wizard  –  The Purple Gang  –  1968
In Your Tower  –  The Poets  –  1967


10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box  –  The Aquarian Age   –  1968
Toyland  –  The Alan Bown!  –  1967

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