Out of the blue we got a request by someone in Montréal, Junie Crawford his name. He described his work as homemade tape field recordings cut into loops and played back through various means (Marantz PMD222, kids toys, broken tape recorders from the 60s, sometimes just tape heads partially submerged in alcohol, etc etc), combined with interviews and found sound, to create immersive sonic environments that address issues of capital, race, human geography, placelessness, and power.

We went to listen some of his shows on a Montréal based radio, and said yes.

Here’s a new collaborator for Radio On: Junie Crawford, making radio as we think radio should be made. Our radio will become a laboratory for his ideas. We are very curious what will come out in the future. The first show is mesmerizing. My poor fantasy was thinking of handheld cameras and things going on that we don’t want to know about, or that the maker doesn’t want us to know about.

In Junie’s words, here’s his first show

Sound collage and transmission art from smalltime radio crooner Junie Crawford, island of Montreal.

All instruments played by Junie Crawford, excluding the end guitar drone, improvised by Henry Birdsey with bowed resonant metals, performed off of a highway in South Carolina, July 2017, & then collaged and bastardized by Junie in his bedroom a lifetime later.

Voices contributed include: Heather Ross, Sarah Lozinski, Junie Crawford, his sponsor, and many anonymous Montrealers.

A few listening recommendations:

Please wear headphones, like the over-ear kind, if you can. Drink a glass of water, close your eyes. Think about home.

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