Totally real probably not fake radio – episode 3

1. Daniel Mckell – Biography Racetrack 

2. Food is a weapon – Super Glue 

3. marie-noëlle Of The Record – she said 

4. Zmog – Soul Sucking Jerk 

5. FAT KID – This is a Stickup 

6. Ronins – Scores

7. Telewaveradio – Tornado 

8. Graffiti People – Tripping 

Welcome to the Totally real probably not fake facility in Tandem New Jersey. We’re proud to present a comprehensive view of the great artworks of today.

From the cutting edge, 720 surround sound media landscape of the facility from its fledgling days as a peanut butter factory to its disruptive techno syndicalist nightmare landscape of today. 

Welcome to episode three.