Have a look at the playlist. Knowledge has many sides. Knowledge is like a car. Go from A to B. Once you arrive, get out, go, explore, don’t forget your car keys if you want to get back home. Throw the keys away, or just forget about the car, if you are sure you have arrived.

Forget about knowledge just as easy as you forget about the tracks you hear, and the tracks you followed.

The earth burns. Small houses stand white in the hot sun. Nothing moves. The people appear on the street in the early evening. Bare feet on dirt road. Falcons circle over the hills. Gun shots. Silence.

People work on the land. Wine harvest.

Play List

Jonah’s Jubilee – Buy // Lachpillenonkel – Fideler Kafeglitsh // C ♡ J i M O U S E 👉
👌 – Kim is soooo sick // Gilius van Bergeijk – Symfonie der Duizend (Alfabetisch) // Rekrutenbasis Neuschwabenlandstrasse – Sonnenfrequenzejakulat //

Dick Raaijmakers – Der Fall Leiermann // Düresbesög – Tanz der idioten // Luis Sandi – Tercer movimiento de La Hoja de Plata. OSUG Héctor Quintanar. // Stanley Mel – ya… about that // Dj Hvad – Cokain Salsa // People Like Us – premium 02 //

Pille & Sardelle Staudenbuam – Senfrasierer // Paruro – The delta sounds // Tatsuhiko Asano – The People’s Life // Christian Galarreta – Charangorrion // Kristoff K. Roll – Aquí En Yucatán- Refrain 2-Justicia-Refrain 3 // Network Glass – D. Untitled // Azuresands – Everybody Wins! // Stone Coma – I Went to a Donald Trump Rally and Distributed Some //

Pastis & Buenri – In Vino Veritas // Klaus Roder – Mr. Frankenstein’s Babies // Horacio Vaggione – SCIR Bass Flute + electronics // 480billion – Oisiesiesi // Power lunch corporation – WE’RE FUCKED // David Jackman – Kanarienvogelwalzer // Funny Factory – High lung vocal martyr // Al tall – Cant dels Maulets // (703) 863-4357 – OWNERSHIP //

Charles Barabé – Hommage à Webern I // Alwin van der Linde – FIRE // Psycho Baba – Single Room 40s With Hot Shower // Franz Xaver Scharwenka, Welte Mignon Pianorol – Scharwenka: Polish dance in es op.47 // Dick Raajimakers – 1 ballad erlkonig // Ata Ebtekar – Broken Silence Cmpd // Jonah’s Jubilee – i know the gloomy bonzo //

Arcane Waves – Drinks and Jokes with Offenbach // Mutant Beatniks – creample // Alan Hovhaness – Mysterious horse before the gate // Alejandro Duchamp – De wallen // Los Sonors – Silverio Pérez // Shaun Robert – Fuck

Voices: Emma
Agnès Pe, 2017 (Madrid)

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