Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – Pop Opera?

Is this show by lord Litter a pop opera? What defines a pop opera? Tommy by the Who was an attempt. Autobiographical facts got magnified, altered and shaped into a grotesque representation. The movie looked like an acid fantasy. Is this show in a way a remake, or an allusion. The voice of Hermanos Guzanos coming out right at the beginning invites the listener, or rather visitor of this show to enter a world of horror and suspense. And yes, when you accept the invitation you find puppets come to life, as if you have entered a Victorian antiques shop. Scary clowns and mad scientists, drugged soldiers and lost astronauts, dreamy nymphs and solitary existentialists..they are all there, ready to liberate themselves from their shadows.


Darrell Draeger’s Cassette Culture Blog ……..
1. Hermanos Guzanos – Mysterical Sights MC – The Worm’s Turn!
2. Tom Furgas – The Guest Expulsed #3 – MC – Turn Back The Rainbows
3. Oliver Squash – Saturn – MC – Wastecoat

4. McTHING – Rampant Rabbit Love Son
5. McTHING – Yanks + Guns = Asshole
4/5 CD – The Worst of McTHING
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6. Little Fyodor – Death Sides Now
7. Little Fyodor – Open up your heart (and let the sunshine in)
6/7 CD – Peace is boring

>SPECIAL – Die Welttraumforscher ……………
8. Die Welttraumforscher – Weihnachten im Weltall (plus LP Linernotes)
9. Die Welttraumforscher – Folklore des Uranus
10. Die Welttraumforscher – Loretown & Mindgarden
11. Die Welttraumforscher – In Saus und Braus
12. Die Welttraumforscher – Hundertausend Jahre
8-12 – LP – Folklore des Weltalls
> Die Welttraumforscher Info, article, archive.

>> The Internet Archive ……………………
13. Dark Fantasy – Men Call Me Mad

14. Hal McGee – this is what 60 sounds like (excerpt) – CD
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15. Dorninger – Butter & Tea – CD – 8k
16. The Smiling Buddhas – In Roma – CD – All Nighter

17. Eric Hausmann / Don Campau – groans and greetings – CD – Night Of The Garden (Lorca in Dub)

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