Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – the HEADS TOGETHER special

… a krautrock/kosmische-related 4CD compilation, a reunion of 37 artists who have graced the grooves of Fruits De Mer’s ‘Head’ releases over the last 10 years..

Lord Litter says: .. this show is dedicated to Conrad Schitzler, whom I met twice. The first time when he still was with Tangerine Dream, I saw one of their early concerts .. and.. when I brought him cassettes from East Berlin .. remembering a nice chat in his kitchen. Here’s my Conrad Scnitzler dedication show

1. Jay Tausig – Ekstase
2. Psychic Lemon – White Light
3. Saturn’s Ambush – Oculus – …
4. The Lost Stoned Pandas – Freaked Off (demo)
5. Mac of BIOnighT – Bracelets Of Guilt  
6. Blue Lily Commission – Kirotom
7. Revbjelde – Flusterclux (declustered mix)
8. David Oakes – The Resistance (instrumental mix)
9. The Love Explosion – Umwelt
10. Jack Ellister – Des Morgens
11. Anton Barbeau – Wimper Flutes Of Tragic Beauty

Fruits de Mer

produced and presented by Lord Litter