Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – Easy Listening for the Avangarde Minded

I planned this show before murder once again exploded in our hearts … I think an hour of slowing down, listening to relaxing, intelligent music may hopefully have an positive effect in all this horror.

By the way, I believe that Wladimir is only the one committing the “ultimate” crime in the current version of the game of death. All leaders of the east, west, north and south in their quest for power and profit maximisation are responsible for the bestial slaughter that people are now doing to each other again.

“War is cold blooded murder, with official approval”. Any attempt at an explanation is completely irrelevant. There is absolutely nothing to relativise this crime.

1. Polychron+ – Late?
2. Polychron+ – Pocketknife
1/2 CD – She’s Always Been There

3. The Lounge Bar Orchestra – West Yorkshire Telegraph Engineer – forthcoming  

4. Peter Thomas Sound Orchester – Christallo – CD – majolika lounge

5. The Bringers of Change – A Thousand Tears – CD – Love & Work

6. Zinkl Gozon – erasing the past – CD – rebirth  

7. Astral Magic – Stars Above – CD compilation – Never Mind The Pollock

8. James Last – Summertime – CD/LP – James Last in Los Angeles

9. Shibboleth – Collapse of the Bony Horseman – CD – Experiment in Error

10. Students at Eskilstuna Kulturskola – Charly The Kid – 10″ lathe-cut

11. Dark Leaves – Forest Flowing – CD compilation – Color Me Pop

12. Captain Of The Lost Waves – Noise and Amusements – CD – Mysterium Tremendum –  – Captain’s Old Woollen Medley on Video 

13. Ogilvy Mint – What is Love? – CD-R – Ears, Hands, Heart –  

Amazing Radio, if you want to get in touch write to me

14. Jonah’s Jubilee – Sue Me – CD – going blind for the weekend going mute for the rest of our lives

produced and presented by Lord Litter