Alexei Borisov and the New World

Alexei Borisov is a regular guest on our radio. Whenever he is in Berlin we are happy to host him in our studio and listen to his entertaining and informative stories that take us through different layers and levels of his experiences while living in the Soviet Union, present-day Moscow and beyond.

Alexei has built an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the current state of the marginalised underground music of any kind and genre.

A musician and experimentalist since the long gone 1980s, Alexei has visited the small and big places around the world, meeting and playing together with fellow experimentalists.

We are proud to have Alexei join us. Be sure to hear some great works in his first show for Radio On. If you take a closer look at the track list, you can imagine what places Alexei has visited before he made this show. And yes, there is a record store with second hand records in every town.

Alexei Borisov & Irakli Sanadiradze – Guitar vs. Drums
Kavkazka Sound – Wired Green Colossus
Joao Castro Pinto – Invocatio
The Dust – A Day At The Sun
Ana Cesar – Lisboa Pequenina
Ernesto Rodrigues/Guilherme Rordigues/Adam Goodwin/Kriton B/ – Mud Hive Torture
Steamboat Switzerland – Zeitschrei #1
Ken Ganfeld/Kurt Liedwart/Petr Vrba – Unbearable
Wabi Experience – Breaking Thumbs