Nazlo Records presents: noise in tiflis – new meeting point

it’s been a while, huh? i actually checked now and no, it isn’t, i just don’t remember a lot because of circumstances – but it’s curious that the last two mixes i made were both couple of weeks prior to some developments – one was published in the beginning of february and for some reason contained my summer 35mm picture of papa srapa – but none of his tracks – he died on the 23d and you know what happened next; another one (that i didn’t recall at all) was of the beginning of septemper – shortly after things went too bad even in moscow and i had to leave the country together with lots of others –

so a lot changed since that time – but at the same time a lot remains the same or close enough – you can check yourself, that’s the first event organized by us, but sounds like we are here for a long time already to me for some reason. anyway, this is the recording of 4-act performance divided into two parts – the first one of stillschweigend and dolphin hospital and the second one of dalila delarosa and RE-DRUM – first, two of us, who came recently during the ‘second wave’ and another two, who came several month ago. i guess that’s all the explaination requiered or probably even more