nazlo and friends for radio on

so here we go again – researching and reviewing ourselves. this mix contains some tracks from nazlo records’ latest (and not really latest) releases, some unreleased materials from archives and friends and also some tracks from our friend’s berlin-based label kebab showroom and moscow-based anti-label худо. we tried to combine it the way it would become a nice hour-long soundtrack for walking through the autumn forest, looking for mushrooms or just thinking about your life path, what you left behind and what is still awaiting in the future before you pass away. human life is short and fragile, human body needs very specific conditions and wouldn’t be able to survive not only on other planets, but even in most places on our planet. i am terrified by the extent of our dependency on food, water and air, i’m starting to realize it just now, when i am already closer to the end of my existence than to the start. almost all the human culture is a reflection of different forms of suffering and only one form of joy available for human being – avoiding suffering for a short period of time. probably nothing else to add, enjoy what you have


for nina / straydogpalace / *L* / SRAM / church of hate + hiasma / cisfinitum / брут / furrr + n9n9 / bionihil / mineral market / usikov + popov / mineral market / dolphin hospital / dolphin hospital + DRKBLCK / for nina