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Today 7th of July, 19.00 Live interview with Wassily Bosch

Wassily Bosch, on a short visit from Moscow, will be this evening’s guest at the Radio On studio. Wassily Bosch works on nazlo records, releasing small editions of sound carriers, all with hand-made packaging.   video of nazlo works. Wassily Bosch is also part of the electro-haram collective that offers sound works based on found recordings. Live connection (click for listening!) starts at 19.00 Berlin Time  

Adrian Shephard meets John Cooper Clarke in Berlin

haiku talk, haiku readings, poetry and magic, poetry talk, “a gift that sharpened into a skill,” indolence talk, professional poet, Charles Baudelaire, Pam Ayres talk, BBC televsion talk, “We’d never run out of conversation, Pam and I” adverts talk, massive flat fee and being treated like a king, how to become a star in a commercial, sugar puffs, “pure energy in a box” deflowerment talk, machine gun poetry and the erogenous effect, punk days talk, Howard Devoto talk and how JCC became a poet among punks, the glorious two punk…

Jade on Dez

Therein the magic sounds of an acoustic guitar change the Radio On studio into an English Cottage and our host Adrian suddenly finds himself at a giant wooden kitchen table trying to find words to communicate with the two characters of this chapter who tell tales of old, burst into song and let us know that life is but a musical. (Rinus review)…. This continues the stunning Jade-Ray-Dio (now a Duo) Series. Jade Blue has visited and lived in Berlin countless times and each time bestowed her amazing and unique…

The Tape Review Show – Michal Libera interview and works by Malachi Doyle, J.G. Sparkes and Anne F. Jacques/Eduardo Astodillo

A special The Tape Review Show introduced by a blitz visit of Michal Libera who talks about cold bars in Krakòw, Polish soups and Kieslowski. The tapes and non-tapes were sent by Malachi Doyle from somewhere in Australia, J.G. Sparkes from Stockholm and Anne-F Jacques from Montreal. There are too many storylines to follow them all, but somehow Spaceships and Hitler always seem to haunt our studio.

Alexei Borisov – interview, live moments, new sound works

Whenever Alexei visits Berlin we have the honor to welcome him at the Radio On studio. Alexei lived in two countries, but didn’t have to travel to do so. Born and raised in Moscow in the Soviet Union, he became a citizen of the Russian Federation at the end of last century. That’s a lot of history. Alexei talks about revolutions, every day life, travelling in the Soviet Union, how Moscow changed over the years, his experiences as a musician and underground artist. New works are played. Testcard, Rinus Van…

The Scratched Vinyl Show #12 – ‘I remember his tail and more tales …’

Adrian Shephard, one of the founding fathers of Radio On, lives not far from a flea market. With first sunny days to hit Berlin, the sellers come out again and set up their stalls. This is the sign that springtime has arrived, but it is also the moment that the scratched vinyl show awakes from its hibernation. Adrian returns from the market with a bag full of old records. And as Mussorgsky used to say, every record tells a story. This is what the scratched vinyl show is all about….

Today, 7. March – Live Show

This evening at 19.00 Berlin time we will go live on air. For the first half hour we ( Adrian Shephard and Rinus Van Alebeek) will be joined by Michal Libera. Michal might talk about his Neapolitan experiences with ghosts, skulls, neighbours, bars and songs, but he might also talk about future works on sounds, memories and history.  The rest of the show we will open some envelopes and play sounds that arrived in our postbox. You want to submit your works or tapes/CDs/Vinyls released by you or your label?…