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Woodwind artist and composer Fran McKitty shares some thoughts and an EP of Fran’s latest compositions, “55 VanDam”. Fran performs here on Alto and Bari saxophone along with some flute and clarinet parts. The rhythm section parts where written in Logic.

vandam pic 21

“I wanted to put something together that explored some of the concepts of free jazz. I also wanted to put this together in a medium, Logic Pro, that is typically governed by the metronome. There are some sudden time changes and sections that are, to a certain point, not in time. This was one of the challenges for me writing the rhythm section parts digitally.”

“Working on a project that incorporated some ideas from free jazz made me think of the music available in the 80s, a time where I worked as a teamster in the SOHO area of Manhattan. The music scene was much more diverse. You could do a latin job uptown, a big band in midtown or listen to some of the further out offerings downtown.”

Fran taught woodwinds privately and worked as a freelance musician until March, when everything shut down.

During the show Fran mentions four publications which he recommends reading:

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