Adrian Shephard – Interview with Ralph Harvey

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Adrian Shephard says:

The interview was made in 2002 in a squat on the seafront for radio4a a pirate station (yup real pirate radio !) – I met Ralph firstly through the occulture agency – which had an office above the Brighton cinematheque which I co-managed in the media centre. Occulture founded by Jonathan Tapsell was an occult office (literally) who had many incredible people on their books with a festival and regular events – wonderful people in one building ! Ralph was a unique true and honest gentleman (Thanks Jon !) and in this interview, Ralph is asked about death – he responds he had ‘no fear’ and that death was ‘the final adventure’…”

Ralph Harvey, Count Sir Ralph de Straet von Kollman, was a well known UK occultist and author, with best selling titles such as ‘The last Bastion’, and ‘The Mystical and Magical World of Faerie’. He has written numerous scripts and screenplays, the latest of which, ‘The Spy in the Eagles Nest’ is in pre-production with Imperial Film Productions, the book of which is to be published by Lilith Mandrake Books in 2017. Currently he has over 20 books in print and this year he completed a new TV series entitled Wiccan Ways.
He was regularly invited to give lectures on witchcraft, magic and faeries and was the founder of his own movement, The Order of Artemis, and has established over 100 covens in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and Switzerland as well as the UK.

“To Ralph Harvey, Wiccan elder, the worlds leading pagan Exorcist and the go-to man for all indigenous tribes around the world who entrusted him with their histories, their artefacts and traditions. Keeper of the Maori Kara-Kura sacred gemstone, and one of the only white men to been inducted into the inner Hopi rites. Ralph opened every single Occulture festival not as a compere but to invoke the Gods and Goddesses of his faith and reach out to members of all beliefs to unite in peace.
Ralph was asked to become the King of the Witches but stated that such a title did not exist in his faith and yet, unbeknown to many he was actually a European aristocrat holding the title Count.
He married Audrey who herself was of ancient Witch bloodstock being part of the Kemp family of Brighton. Together the couple presided over 200 covens worldwide.

To Ralph Harvey … a gentleman Witch who will now join the land of Old Gods.”

– Jonathan Tapsell (Occulture)

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