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Steep Gloss is ran solely by Ross Scott-Buccleuch and has been in operation since Nov 2019. The label specialises in collaborative works, that is, works from more than one person working together.

Steep Gloss believes that collaborating makes an artist go to creative places they wouldn’t go to, or more importantly, couldn’t get to without working with somebody creatively stimulating. Like something has been unlocked inside them that they didn’t know was there til they worked with somebody else. It’s these further out realms that interest Steep Gloss and hopefully this translates across to anyone who listens to the releases.

It’s pure alchemy! And there’s lots more of it to come!

Steep Gloss, as of January 2021,  has so far released 28 tapes.

Releases can be abstract, dislocating, sinister, bewildering, melancholy, absurd, delirious – sometimes in isolation, and sometimes all of these things at once!

This is a snapshot of the 1st half of 2021 from Steep Gloss. As this mix features only works from this year, with most of the tracks being as yet unreleased.


1 – WELLNESS REGIME – A landscape that’s not there

2 – Brandstifter & Arma Agharta – DADA telegram from outer space

3 – Anne-F Jacques – untitled track from [blank tape compilation vol. 2]

4 – Zebularin – Pictophagos

5 – Sam Andreae/David Birchall/Yan Jun – Click here (and there) for more information (track 3)

6 – Mold Omen – Gloom Operator

7 – Nostril Flair – Washed Asleep

8 – Ambasce – untitled track from [blank tape compilation vol. 2]

9 – Stephan Barrett & Matt Atkins – Lull

10 – Singapore Police Background – Hydra Palace

11 – Carnivorous Plants & Daniel J. Gregory – Sunrise Temple of Bloom

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