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February in the year 2021 in Berlin, suddenly after days of temperatures below zero, snow and ice, the temperatures rocketed to levels you’d expect on a sunny day during springtime. The people of Berlin left their homes and gathered in parks and along the river or the canals. Adrian Shephard and Rinus van Alebeek decided to go to the Soviet Memorial in Treptow, only to find out that the unannounced festival had attracted masses of people also there.

They sat down and talked

about the memorial, what it looked like, what the people look like, field recordings, the weather, the Dutch masters and the little Ice Age, Italian renaissance, kings, popes, knights, crusaders and kalashnikovs, social realism, an anti-fascist demo outside Lidl, Hitler’s Reichskanzlei and about constructivism, to mention just a few topics.

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