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ThirdTypeTapes is founded in the summer of 2012. It operates from Brussels in Belgium. It is run by four persons whose names are known at the bureau of Radio On.

Upon our request they have compiled a mix of the releases.

Link -> ThirdTypeTapes

Track list:

Terrine (Live recording, released on november 02 2019, sold out)

MassiveHead (released on 3rd november 2017, sold out)

Dave Philips

Letal Ataraxia (liveset, released on october 09 2019, still available)

2Mo (liveset, released on december 05 2020, still available)

Mlacoler Culkin (released on april 6 2018, still available)

6RME (released on december 14 2018, still available)

Muqata’a (released on 3rd september 2017, sold out)

Vera Spektor (released on july 16 2018, still available)

Exoterrism (released on 8th august 2017, sold out)

Cancellled (liveset, released on december 19 2019, still available)

Pissasphalto (released on november 05 2020, still available)

Somaticae (released on march 29 2019, still available)

Raymonde (released on 3rd october 2017, sold out)

About the artwork

The first 4 releases of the label had no established guidelines. The packagings were handmade, by recycling or DIY (cardboard or tracing paper pouch). The artwork of the covers was also left to the artists’ choice.
With the arrival of X. (cccpu) in the team of the label, a reflection was launched on the creation of a strong graphic identity.
After creating a logo, a graphic chart inspired by the blank cassette covers of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s is set up.
Also, the creation of several icons and diversions of vintages logos of cassette brands accompanies the graphics of each artwork.

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