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Lord Litter resides in Berlin. He is one of the pivotal figures of the legendary cassette culture days. He never stopped making music. He never stopped making radio shows. He never stopped making friends. He never stopped supporting home-grown music. And he is always going through his record collection to find masters and forgotten masters from the past of underground and unusual music. This time clean your ears for the music of Czeslaw Niemen.


1. Massimo Discepoli – Parallel Clouds – CD – Last year, the next day    

2. Charles Rice Goff III & Michael LaGrega – Coriolis Drift – CD-R – Flexibility Insulated

>>> Special Guest Star
3. Czeslaw Niemen – Katharsis
4. Czeslaw Niemen – Mleczna Droga
5. Czeslaw Niemen – Proba ucieczki
3-5 – LP – Katharsis

6. Cephalic Index – Tablehootenanny Jay
7. christophe petchanatz – bravette
8. GOZNE – Are we not men We are Robots
6-8 – online compilation  (because of the specialty of this project it’s a VERY rare exception me presenting online material. I normally ONLY present physical releases.)

>>> One minute of Silence for Lou Ottens  …
9. .. I made my own personal minute for Mr. Lou Ottens .. but here’s a very charming project I recommend to check out!

Lou Ottens and the first cassette player

>> The Wonderful World of The Hermanos Guzanos!
10. Hermanos Guzanos – 3 Miles Away
11. Hermanos Guzanos – U Make Me Paranoid
12. Hermanos Guzanos -The Lonely Warrior
13. Hermoonos Guzanos and Lord Lunar – Jumbo Walk
10-13 taken from LP –  Nectar Cuts From Beyond  
>> Label 

Hermanos Guzanos links
> Hermanos Guzanos Offbeat Videoshow
> Darrell Draeger/Gary Wray movie blog
> Darrell Draeger cassette culture blog
> Gary Wray art
> Brian James Riedel Videos

>> Darrell Draeger presents John Bartles!
14. Joe Shmoe (John Bartles) – Happy New Year
15. John Bartles – Allen Lake/Calling All Humans
16. John Bartles – Cowboy Baby
17. John Bartles – Frank’s Farm

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