Radio On Outdoor – Unpredictable beginnings

In the year of death and covid19 Adrian Shephard and Rinus van Alebeek took up the habit to go out for short walks. The walks always ended on a park bench, very often close to the Landwehrkanal in Berlin. They sat down and talked about the petty things of life, observed how the wheels of time and destiny collided, discussed the actions of the important and less important people in this world, and gently floated through the day together with everyone else in the German capital.

In this episode Shephard and van Alebeek talk about Peter Sellers, walkie-talkies, the weather (Greenland and the polar winds), police surveillance, one year of covid anniversary, rural life full of rocks and hardship, how to grow your own peanuts, communicating trees, how to grow your own peanuts (part 2), how to grow your own peanuts and sell them on the market, the six million dollar man, how much is six million dollar worth nowadays, how to grow your own peanuts (part 3), acid video, how to make a living, the third wave restrictions, AI singing robots and wallpaper music and a conspiracy about AI ruling your life, people moving across the continents and Adrian Shephard turned into a snowman.


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