One hour with Mr. Vast

Mr. Vast in the studio, and Jörg Hochapfel was also our guest, he played guitar and records (Hunger). Mr. Vast threw one story after the other, about smacking the audience in the face, ass prints and angel wings, the downfall of the British Royal family. We wanted to talk about hunger (Hunger), but nothing was said, so we played the record instead.

But some words were told about Hunger (hunger). The recycled vinyl was made of the ashes of someone who died of hunger (Hunger). (Knut Hamsun, in case you were wondering). The pink album can be bought and heard here.

Kröter not inspired by Goethe.

Peter Pan syndrome enters the show. Check it out and take the test.

<music and words>

(pretty good, in fact)

At this point in the show there is still more to come. You want to listen to Henry (Mr.Vast) read a children’s story (by Enid Blyton) while Jörg plays Hawaiian guitar or hear Adrian perform the cruel act of trepanning Henry’s head?

Toad talk.

The adventures of a picture disc on a road trip in Mexico.

Listen to the show.