PUNK IS DADA SPEAKS – Post Princesses

PUNK IS DADA SPEAKS is probably the most controversial and experimental program we host at Radio On. Controversial for its content, because it is a constant balance between the confirmation and negation of the bare existence and importance of any intelectual discourse; experimental, because the whole program is an experiment on the use of Radio in the context of social media.

Here in PUNK IS DADA’s own words:

Post Princesses : An informal Discussion on the agenda of the female eye in film; as product, producer and market.


Is sexuality the object of emancipation or the obstacle to emancipation? Or in the words of Genesis Breyer P-orridge “I’m personally against the idea of being male or female.” PUNK IS DADA will explore this rigid “branding” or loose chasm of the selfie and the agenda of the female eye in film; as product, producer and market in the second part of its Radio Series on Radio On with Liina Nilsson from Shocking Film Hyper Visual Pornography and Stephanie Ballantine

Stephanie Ballantine works with exposure and researches ‘The Self’ and its relation to Capitalist and Non-Capitalist spaces. Working with the effects of ideology and oppressive structures on individuals through an exploration of ‘the gaze’, ritual, political voice and conceptions of ‘the new’ in order to illustrate boundaries and solicit antagonism.

Liina Nilsson Is a multitude of happenings, pseudo names and energy from NYX, Shocking Film Hyper Visual Pornography, Deathroat, OnionNYX to co-founder of Pizza Suicide Club all projects are based in Berlin yet have a strong Viral presence through various websites and social media platforms. She is the machine behind the experiments, motions, music and films.





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