Sister Chain & Brother John – Bye Bye Kreuzbergstrasse

A word from Sister Chain: 

After two years of hopping between the UK & Deutschland, we are now giving up our beloved Berlin flat for good. And before you ask – no, it’s not up for grabs. Once we’re gone, it’ll be turned into a luxury dwelling for high-tech execs with icicles for souls. But that is the way of the world and if you wonder what you can do about it, there’s a couple of books I can recommend. 
Anyway, where was I? Berlin….I moved to Kreuzbergstrasse in 2005, and shared the space with a succession of disc jockeys until Brother John joined me in 2009, bringing Dwarfhaus Studios with him. The household grew by 17 guitars, two sons and a cat. We carried coal; lots of coal; the cat did not help with the coal. We used all-sorts to light the ovens: old setlists, misprinted flyers, a confederate flag we stole in Brandenburg. Good times. A year before we left Berlin, we finally got central heating! 
Before we shut this house of fun, we wanted to give it a last hurrah and bless its splintersome wooden floor-boards with a final event: 

The recording of this event is now streaming on Radio-On-Berlin (check our schedule) and one more thing !

The Patreon link !

See you soon!
Sister Chain & Brother John