Rinus Radio Broadcast Company – ft Interview with Dmytro Fedorenko about East Ukraine

A couple of weeks ago I (Rinus Van Alebeek) stayed some days in the Oranien Studio. That was a good chance to interrupt the regular programs and go live on air. Over the years our archive with CD’s, Vinyl given by friends and Records found in the trash has grown extensively. I decided to play this music, and act as a normal DJ, given information on the tracks and, if possible, on the releases themselves.

But it was also time to connect with our friend Dmytro Fedorenko
in Kiev. We had been in contact ever since the Maidan uprisings, and this is the seventh interview. By now I start considering to make a new program out of all those interviews, which can serve as a documentation, but also to not forget about Putin’s hypocrisy and his lies.

In this interview you will hear us talk about the situation in Eastern Ukraine, where up to now, nothing has changed, except that things have become more grim and depressing.

Rinus Radio Broadcast Company w/Ukraine interview is broadcasted all through July on every Monday and Wednesday from 13:00-15:00 w/interview at 14:00 Berlin Time (+1 in Kyiv)