Taniel Morales Interview by Adrian Shephard

I am listening now.

Taniel arrives in Berlin from the Malta festival in Poznan, Poland.

Taniel electrocutes himself.

He calls it chemic bending.

Rocks have electric proprieties, for instance. He translates this to sound.

(four minutes into the interview, now)

photo 2

Taniel changes Coke into water (Coca-Cola), is said in the background.
He is interested in the water of the coca-cola, because it must be very nice water, he says.
The process is turned into sound.
The Radio plays the sound of it.

(six minutes into the interview)

Taniel explains the sounds of the video, and Adrian describes the coca-cola experiment.

The coca cola transmits electricity, what the water doesn’t.
While the purification goes on, the piece becomes more silent.

Look up Taniel Morales on youtube and see what they are talking about.

The speakers in the aquarium are attacted to a seismograph and the coca-cola processes result in a drawing. “A baroque orchestra”

The pieces go to silence, because the water is silent.

You can put the computer into the water, and nothing will hapen, because there is no electricity.

(ten minutes into the interview)

photo 2

Now the catastrophic effect of coca-cola on Mexican population. They drink coca-cola and no water. The president of Mexico was the president of Coca-cola before.

In some towns in Mexico is more easy to find a coke, then a water.

(eleven minutes into the interview)

Does this give an impression?

There is also talk on aspirin, chewing gum, cow goomy, tamoj and mums with gastritis

Taniel Morales.web

PS. You can’t clean your toilet with old coca-cola.

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