Open the Door by Antonio Mainenti

The new program by Antonio Mainenti is a documentary on the actions and activities that go on in Sicily.

Here’s the title


And here’s Antonio’s words

Sampieri, Sicily, July 2014. A demonstration on the beach to say No to Muos (Mobile User Objective System), say NO to drilling the bottom of the sea to search for the last drops of oil in the Mediterranean sea.

Remember the dead migrant brothers in this Sea.

My music for the documentary “No Muos Film” by Enzo Rizzo. Music realized with VLF (Very Low Frequency) samples.


Some additional information.
1- The M.U.O.S. (Mobile User Objective System) is a system of modern telecommunication satellites of the U.S. Navy. They have five geostationary satellites in the word, including one in Niscemi (Caltanissetta, Sicily). It will be used for the coordination of all capillary systems that the U.S. military deployes around the globe, especially for the drones.

The Sicilian No MUOS activists express strong concerns about the consequences of the installation of such a system on human health, ecosystem, quality of agricultural products, the right to mobility and the development of the territory, the right to peace and security of the territory and its inhabitants.

2- Migrants arrive every day in Sicily with old ships to reach the rich Europe. Many die during the journey, others remain in reception centers like jail for months. Often, they are sent back to their country where they left war, hunger, poverty.”

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