Rinus – The Scottish Independence Referendum Program (inside the program: Ivor Cutler and Scottish Friends)

On the day of the Scottish Referendum, well, the evening of it, around the hour that the poll stations closed, I (=Rinus van Alebeek) did a live program from Capo Vaticano, Calabria where I reside at the moment.

The program starts with a spoken introduction, but soon gets sabotaged by all kinds of crackles and silences which destroy my message completely.

What follows is a long mix of music from cassette tapes I received as a present or as trade.

You will hear the works, and not specifically in this order, by Fyta and Socrates Martinis both released by Nicolas Malevitsis on the Greek label noise-below, Caligine released by Michele Mazzani from Ravenna, Italy on his label lonktaar, Ben Roberts from Madrid, released on his own label EclectikTronik, :Such: released by me on staaltape, Plochingen released by Patrick Thinsy on his Brussels label Tanuki Records and Seth Cluett released by Notice Recordings in Portland/New Orleans.

There were more tapes on the table, with my own recordings (made in the South of Calabria) which I played, and other tapes from friends that I didn’t play but will in the near future.


At some point I got my voice back. I used a voice recorder’s microphone as the microphone. This gave me time to talk about possible Scotlands. You will hear why the referendum was a set-up, and that it was clear form the start the No-voters would win. I talk about Shakespeare vs Macbeth, The Scottish-Northpolian alliance and much more.