Rinus in the Mulinen Studio #1

A show produced at an old wooden table in the heart of the Porticello Castle on the shores of the Liparian Sea. I (=Rinus van Alebeek) used exclusively tape players.

The show opens with a long run of the tape EP-1 by EclectikTronik (Ben Roberts.) An other tape played in the process is by The Shitty Listener (Jason Honea).

mijn tafel

For the rest of the one hour show I mix own recordings (some done on a winter’s day at Tempelhof, an other one in the highest sphere up on Teufelsberg) (others done recently here in Calabria).

What you get is comparable with a mixtape; there is even some real crappy music on it, played back from found cassettes.

Rinus in the Mulinen Studio #1 broadcasts all through October on Wednesday to Sunday at 19:00-20:00 Rome time