Now that I am finally settled in the coastal area of Calabria, I have started a new series of programs of which three are now rotating in the schedule.

Each program is one hour long. I play tapes that were sent to me by friends. I give information, sometimes I make up a story.


In the first volume of the show you will hear Ben Roberts and his eclectiktronik label. The Shitty Listener aka Jason Honea and Ginger Miles.

In the second volume there are The Herd of the Ether Space, The Shitty Listener aka Jason Honea,Instruments Vivant,Pom Bouvier, Sultan Hagavik, Uske Orchestra and Fyta.

In the third volume I play Fyta, Mikaël Spruyt, The Shitty Listener, The Herd of the Ether Space.

You can hear the first two shows here

Tapes and Talks from the Mulinen Studio broadasts Wednesday to Sunday 19:00-20:00 Rome time all through November