Adrian Shephard – talks with Andy Bolus on Ghost detectors and other Stories

Adrian Shephard went to the workshop conducted by Andy Bolus and got home with a ghost detector. He also thought it was a good idea to invite Andy for an interview. You can read one with Andy here
Some remarkable words from that interview are :
“I hate Warhol.”
“I feel quite comfortable with Chinese ink tho.”
“ old witch who can turn people into statues (actually a friends mother will play this role)”
“We have found the lake, it’s in Finland, translates as “Testicle Lake”.
“The fact that I’ve been doing this so long people start to realise im not gonna go away.”

Probably none of this will be talked about.

Adrian Shephard interviews are completely unpredictable as long as ghosts are involved.


Sunday 30.November Adrian Shephard – Live interview with Andy Bolus (Evil Moisture) 21:00-23:00 Berlin time.