Adrian Shephard – Interview/Talk with Andy Bolus

Adrian Shephard went to the workshop conducted by Andy Bolus, a workshop on constructing your own ghost detector. The next evening Adrian and Andy sat together at the Oranien Studio for a two hour long talk that hit so many subjects that it is impossible to give a description.

Adrian tried it this way: “Expect Ghost making machines, stories from Japan, cannibal Toys, electronic tips and sounds of death and disaster…”



I listened at home, and here’s some of my impressions during the show.

after 8 minutes
“Andy’s toy talk, Japan talk, dream talk, childhood talk, Frankenstein! Professor Brainstorm!”

after 23 minutes
“Interview like a picture book.. so many topics..hopping in typical Adrian style..spiralling..”

after 48 minutes
“Two englishmen talking. You can hear their country has lost an Empire!”

after 75 minutes
“Two tech guys on a nuclear submarine on a 40day trip around the world talking now. Highly entertaining!”

To finish the show they went into an experiment and used Adrian’s freshly made Ghost detector.

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