Rinus van Alebeek – Overseas – interview w/ Dmytro Fedorenko, Life in Kiev during Wartime

This is the latest interview with Dmytro Fedorenko. We talked with him for the first time at the beginning of the year 2014 when big black smoke was rising up from the Maidan square. It was not our last interview. Dmytro was active during the fights, and saw the victims of the February killings by the Janukovich snipers at the distance of his hand.

We spoke with him when Crimea was annexed and when war broke out in the east of Ukraine. We heard him after the downing of MH17.

Then silence followed. War went on, and the situation became more hopeless.

In this interview Dmytro talks about a change in his life, a move to Vienna, the Austrian-Hungarian rooted problems with burocracy, encounters with intelligent people who explain to him that CIA and Obama are to blame for the troubles in Ukraine, and that Putin is doing the right thing.

The interview was held when Dmytro was in Kiev. He talks about the effects of war, the glimpses of hope, the young Russian soldiers in Donbass who get buried as soldier#153 and soldier#202, but also about the real risk of to be send to the front, something that had happened to his closest friends.

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