Adrian Shephard – UNPLANNED #1

A new show by Adrian Shephard is all about a box full of mini-discs that have been waiting for years to get played. The box was hidden somewhere in the Oranien Studio where it slowly got covered by Berlin’s ‘Feinstaub.’ Adrian decided to liberate the sounds.

What happens is, that from the actual time defined by his presence in the studio, we, the listener, are suddenly transported into another time, very much like being beamed from the Enterprise.

We get to eavesdrop on conversations in Prague and St.Petersburg; we hear soundtracks played live to a movie we can’t see and we arrive at the question and answer time from a lecture by Peter Howell who worked at the BBC radiophonic workshop until it got closed. In one side remark Howell talks about the qualities of ‘Mono’ as opposed to ‘Stereo,’ which made me, as a listener, think a lot. Some of the BBC workshoppers were not satisfied at all with the arrival of ‘Stereo.’ They felt it deprived them from their freedom as there was much more depth and mysterie in a Mono recording.

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