Killed by Christmas – Logbook #2

15:00:00 Helliday Special by Jeff Surak
16:00:00 Radio Mormon-Xmas-Why the band plays stupid Christmas songs by Antonio Mainenti
16:14:56 Elmo & Patsy – Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer

16:18:27 Dr Demento& The Singing Dogs- Jingle Bells
16:20:01 Spike Jone & His City Slickers – All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth)
16:23:08 Mannheim Steamroller – Deck the Halls

16:26:15 Worst Christmas Singing Ever By Trey
16:27:30 Worst Christmas Singing Ever by Gregory Kesemeyer

16:30:52 Xmas-lecture: Timothy Snyder, Ukraine- From Propaganda to Reality

17:28:19 Every boy and every girl is dead 4 xmas (No xmas no cry) by Brandstifter
17:37:11 Enough for thee – Chester Hawkins
18:01:37 Selling Christmas by the Pound – Daniel Kordik

18:05:46 Jingle, no bells.
18:06:31 Gayla Peevey – I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
18:09:09 All fired up by Purple Crow

18:11:15 Apocalypse Christmas, part 1 by Rinus van Alebeek
18:19:50 Apocalypse Christmas, part 2 by Valerie Kuehne
18:22:31 Apocalypse Christmas, part 3 by The Wasps Nests and Valerie Kuehne.

18:56:24 Christmas Aerobics by Tzii
18:59:47 jingle chorus, no one horsed open slay

Time indication is Berlin time, World time