Fucked! An evening with Ken Shakin by Adrian Shephard

Ken Shakin appeared first in Radio On’s broadcastland as a guest to Jason Honea on the Brave Ear Show. In the interview he talked about his Brooklyn years, where he grew up and his love or hate relation with Berlin, where he lives. On that evening, that co-starred Andrea Schroeder and Jesper Lehmkuhl, he read some fragments from his books.

Ken returned to our program when Adrian Shephard broadcasted the presentation of his last novel ‘Fucked’ at the Curious Fox Book store in Berlin Neukölln. On that occasion Ken got wild and asked the audience one by one the daring question:”What turns you on.”

Now Radio On is fucked again as Adrian was kidnapped, dragged into a car and forced, handcuffed and all, to read up real intelligent questions from a paper handed over to him by Ken so that Mr.Shakin would make a real smart impression and sell a lot of books.

Later that evening, in a book store not far away from the place where Marlene Dietrich grew up, the situation was a bit dull, and very ordinary, as if nothing had happened.

But then the story started…

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All about Ken

Ken Shakin (born 1959 in New York City) is a writer of underground transgressive fiction.

“Love Sucks” was first published in 1997 by Gay Men’s Press, a pioneer in LGBT fiction, and “The Cure For Sodomy” in 2006 by Haworth Press. “Grandma Gets Laid” (The Permanent Press 2008) was translated into Russian (Centrepolygraf 2009). Stories from “Real Men Ride Horses” (Gay Men’s Press 1999) appear in the anthologies “All Boys Together” (Millivres-Prowler 2000) and “Latter Gay Saints” (Lethe Press 2013).