Best Kept Secret was a label in Italy run by Alessandro Crestani from 1998-2010. Some of the information you find on Don’s Living archive of Underground Music says that Best Kept Secret released high quality indie dream pop and rock with handsomely designed and executed , professional looking covers. and Best Kept Secret had a good representation of women artists in groups and also as solo artists a gorgeous dreampop outing by Kaye. And a cassette by an artist named Kizzy. Both were artists I have not heard from before or since. Too bad because they are wonderful tapes.

The complete interview with Alessandro Crestani can be found here.

The Playlist
artist/title/ album/ label-source

Nozomi/ Staring At The Sun/ I’m In The Overseas/ BKS cassette
Kaye/ On Alone/ Pink Sky At Night/ BKS
Apple Orchard/ It Took You By Surprise/ Paris Was A Daydream/ BKS cassette

2015-01-16 12.36.26

Uncletoe’s Portasound/ But Not Tonight/ Covered/ BKS cassette
Cabrini/ Una Red/ Cabrini/ BKS cassette
Will Simmons/ Tonight/ Songs For Sore Ears/ BKS cassette


Kizzy/ Something For The Woods/ Rusty Grass And A Green Box/ BKS cassette
Gary K/ Seas As A Breeze Is/ Hawkin’ The Chalk/ BKS cassette
Clare/ Edge Of The Top /Womb Fantasy/ BKS cassette

2015-02-10 15.43.21

The Haircuts/ Its Summer When I Am With You/ Up Up And Away With The Haircuts/ BKS cassette
Mans Wielander/ Alcomoon/ Crawlspace/ BKS cassette
The Cellophane Sky/ No Advice For The Unprepared/ Sunset Shadows/ BKS cassette

2015-04-01 16.45.34

Skywave/ If I Were A Man/ Interference/ BKS cassette
Sauvie Island Moon Rocket Factory/ Old Salt/ Super 8 Soundtracks/ BKS cassette
John T Baker/ Nail/ Little Rock Songs/ BKS cassette

2015-05-11 12.32.07

The Linger Effect/ Go!/ Beautiful Machines/ BKS cassette
Minmae/ Bear Loved Ruiner/ A Record About Us/ BKS cassette

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