Adrian Shephard finds himself at the Uferstudios in Berlin. He is not exactly in a studio, but in the courtyard of what once was an old railway yard. You won’t hear steam engines or locomotives departing from a station, but you will hear the airplanes that shoot through the air above Berlin.

Adrian is there with a special reason. A birthday party is going on. The guests talk and Adrian wants to find out things.

But something weird happens. Are these guests real people? Are they not some kind of imaginaries sprouting from a universal brain, human beings that look exactly like us but are just one feet high? And they change colour all the time, shrink if they need to, climb on Adrian’s shoulder and pull his ears, glide down his nose, make funny faces, become funny puppets…but they are alive, and they are good humoured and they know everything about birthdays.

And then they kill the unicorn.

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