After a Summer break Andreas Glauser from Brainhall Art Production is back with a new program. Based in Zürich, most of his programs focus on the contemporary avant garde music produced and/or performed in Switzerland.

Andreas asked Livio some questions about these sessions without an audience, the musicians involved, the intentions ecc.


Word to Andreas.

“We present the art project by Livio Baumgartner. Accomplices artists are Pascal Häusermann, Michael Günzburger, Christian Vetter und Livio Baumgartner at Endless Summer 1 and Martin Jakob, Jan Hostettler, Dominic Michel, Karen Amanda Moser and Miriam Sturzenegger at Endless Summer 2.

Video of Endless Summer I, Zimmermannhaus [Brugg/Switzerland), 2014

Video of Endless Summer II (Thun/Schweiz), 2015″

As usual, all new but also Brainhall programs of the past are broadcasted every Thursday 20:00-21:00

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