Brainhall Art Production presents Sechzig Audio Magazin

Andreas Glauser from Brainhall Art Production continues his treasure hunt and presents sixty one minute wonders. That’s about as much exposure as the smart smartphone generation can digest.

Andreas will play various tracks but will also talk with Simon Knaus about the idea, about the magazine, about the content, about sixty seconds, about activities, about everything you can answer to in less than a minute.

An innovative program about fast listening, word to Andreas (read it in twenty seconds!)

Sechzig is a quarterly experimental audiozine curated by Simon Knaus with the aim to bring people from the spheres of music, sound art and audio research together. everybody is invited to participate — the only rule: exactly sixty seconds. Experiments, drones, noise, poems, found sounds, short songs, loops or whatever!

Brainhall Art Productions broadcasts every Thursday at 20:00BerlinTime.
(previous Brainhall programs are shattered around the calendar)

 Please check the Schedule for broadcast hours/days.

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