Brainhall Art Production presents The Durian Brothers

Andreas Glauser from brainhall art production introduces The Durian Brothers. In a very well produced, thoroughly old-style edited show Andreas plays the sounds of the trio, and speaks with one of its members to get to know about their working methods and their approaches.

From a multi-bouncing plingplung and kammedumme – kammedumme one can recognize influences of the after-rain in Berlin, the U-Bahn passing overground on a track of heavy iron, but also the early experiments of Kraftwerk or the joys of killing time with a record player rotating without a record on it.

Word to Andreas:

“We present The Durian Brothers. Stefan Schwander, Mark Matter and Florian Meyer use sequencers, effects and modified turntables to construct organic, polyrhythmic techno tracks. Dub-Loops and tribalism, cosmic elements and other influences are combined into a delightful, multifaceted and playful sound.”

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