The Secrets of Alice Berg -FranceCulture by Adrian Shephard and Rinus Van Alebeek

Back in the year 2009 the Neukölln area of Berlin was still a dirty neighbourhood. Hardly anyone wanted to live there. Apartments were cheap; the bars were the same as ever, for the locals, the typical eckkneipe. This zone of Berlin was not hip at all, and the word hipster, the attitude and fashion style had still to be discovered and introduced. Basement concerts had a strong sense of prohibition.

Adrian Shephard and I (=Rinus Van Alebeek) had been doing radio since the year 2006. We had no connection to an existing radio station; a friend had created an outgoing stream possibility from a server in the heart of Amsterdam. We must have been internet pirates.

On New Year’s day we recorded a show that was going to take almost three and a half hours and a couple of bottles of sake to celebrate it all. We were in an apartment somewhere in the stinking and filthy part of Boddinstrasse; the whole building would be set on fire a couple of years later when it was bought by who knows who for a handfull of siver dollars.

The storyline of Le Point de Alice Berg, part 1 and 2 is pretty simple: The two narrators are on the top of an iceberg and sail the world. With their binoculars they see what happens on the coasts of the islands and continents they pass by. Music is played from a youtube clip. They speak french.

The four programs here show, however, all what made us decide to go on. The pleasure of inventing ever more aburd stories, the destructions of every convention, the anti-attitude against anything that smells of serious art.

1- Le Point de Alice Berg, part one

2-Le Point de Alice Berg, part two

3-The Secret of Alice Berg 

4-How Rinus met David Bowie

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