Aubrey! – A conversation with Aubrey Heichemer by Shephard/Van Alebeek

In an other program here on Radio On Adrian Shephard expressed his fascination for the Victorian Age, a time when electricity was believed to be an occult force. But it was also the time people believed in nymphs and other little creatures that could talk to us in our dreams or in the woods.

Adrian lives in a different century, but, nonetheless, when in that century somewhere in the far east of Berlin, in a factory hall that was used equally by the nazi regime as the DDR funkadelics, but at that, it is our time stripped bare to a state of dispositional dysfunctionality, except for that very moment when we put a table in it, three chairs around it and turned the space into a radio studio, well, at that moment Adrian’s eyes lighted up because he was confronted with a fairy: Aubrey!

With me (Rinus Van Alebeek) slipping in the part of the hunchbacked shortsighted simpleton, a conversation evolves in which Adrian tries to find out the very essence of this appearance and ends up talking about recipes, but also hears about the one hundred letters she wrote to George Lucas, the Star Wars guy. Maybe she wanted to find a way to return to her planet.

Come dream with us.

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