Interview with Mim King by Shephard/Van Alebeek

One of the many interviews we did in the Oranien Studio in Berlin. And one fine day, while on visit in Berlin, Adrian Shephard’s friend Mim King walked into the studio.

Here’s a short portrait of her in Adrian’s words

“Mim King is the mermaid who fell to earth and whose home is a homage to her lifetime of seminal bodywork and performance. As a teenager she would wear a rubber diving costume under her clothes and have an obsession with gelatin (jelly babies). One of her jobs was airbrushing out nipples and Spider-Man ‘bulges’ when she worked for ‘marvel’ comics when it first opened its London headquarters. She’s the only person I know with a resident goldfish in her bath and her legs actually collapse if she finds you funny…”

“She performs internationally but one of her many hearts is in Berlin since before the Wall fell. We were happy to meet up with Mim in the radio-on studio and bathe in her excitement and her many Berlin adventures. Oh by the way the picture shows her in the telephone booth featured on Ziggy Stardust. I like to think that King and Bowie met in a West Berlin cafe, close to the wall, one very warm spring day…”


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