Brainhall Art Production presents Helios & Hess – Lump (CD/Book)

Reisläufer” (Swiss mercenaries) were notable for their service in foreign armies, especially the armies of the Kings of France, throughout the early modern period of European history, from the later Middle Ages into the Age of the European Enlightenment. The principal remnant of the practice is the Swiss guard at the Vatican.”


“De Alpsege isch e Gibet, wo i de Apelr de Schutz vo de Ãlpler und vom Vech jede Obed vomene Senn gsunge werd. Er hät isch no i de Schwiiz, im Liechtestainische, im Vorarlbergische und im Allgoi feste Bistandtail vo de Sennetradition, bsunders i katholische Piet.”

Trinkkultur Kultgetraenk

Andreas Glauser from Brainhall Art Production presents the latest work by two Swiss noise artists that operate under the name Helios and Hess.

You can find extensive documentation about their work here. I mention just a few significant descriptions to make you understand the impact of their work: “epic” “weird storytelling” “haunts” “highly elaborated” “immerse” “mind-blowing landslides and firestorms, sublime melodies and harsh reality.”

It surely is a heavy piece of music, that doesnot evoke images of chocolate cows, golden Rolexes or rich Russians on the boards of Lake Geneva. Perhaps it is a translation into sound of the anger these sights provoke. LUMP also dives into paganism. Listen to the Hail Mary. It is frightening and it makes you wonder who this Mary woman is.

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