brainhall art productions presents H.P. Zinker, bootleg from 1992

Brainhall’s offering of a bootleg recording made in Lucerne in 1992 is a fine documental piece of music. You can hear the audience from very near, because the microphone of the recorder was among them. It also shows the energy of a small venue. And it takes the listener back to the early nineties, when after the waves of post-punk band ecclecticism became a part of the independent scene.

H.P. Zinker (guitar, bass, drums) reminds of Hüsker Dü, but also of early 70s West Coast music (like the live album four way street by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young). In an epic 60s psychedelic song by The Byrds -eight miles high- lead guitarist Roger McGuinn played bits of John Coltrane’s solo. H.P. Zinker echoos also this jazz influence.

If we jump to the present we see that Frank Pümpel must have disappeared from earth’s surface as far as it is monitored in the digital age. Hans Platsgummer is back in the land of the Alps, and, as you can see on his website, dedicates great parts of his life to writing novels.

Andreas says

“H.P. Zinker’s were the brain-child of Austrian wunderkid Hans Platzgumer and Frank Pümpel. Founded In late summer ’89. H. P. Zinker invented single-handedly the punk wave of progressive rock, managing to straddle Kraut rock, spacey jazz-rock improvisation and  lo-fi whispers simultaneously.
We present a Live Recording from 1992 at BOA BAR in Lucerne, Switzerland.” & wiki
Zinker on 45

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