Mitt paté #9 conducted by Agnès Pe

Hang on. Today I read about a resurrected rockstar. In the old times he heard voices in his head. To suppress those voices he put on the TV set, two radio’s and two amplifiers feedbacking the guitar, full blast. At that moment it was silent in his head, and he could go to sleep.

Of course you won’t hear silence in Agnès Mittpaté #9. You will hear the sound of colours exploding.

I edited the playlist into something that looks like a long poem. My excuse to those involved. I hope you like your new dress. I thought it was the closest I could come to describe Agnès’ collage.

Marta Sainz ladybugs mire, fixtapes human music

Kill Caustic imagines the best Oggy Sparta remix
In Youtuge! (Youtube) Ricky pierced; I get knocked down
Cover titanium rope wars, smash me to life gnashing

Of teeth diarrhea anointment skat injector, cesswound
(Penny Lane Toxocariasis Strain) melees; anyway
You want it: 許艷秋 – 哥仔靚 粵語歌!
The Wyrm overlooks Hotel July 4th ball 1921

Michel Chion épîtra Laztozia
The X-Files Theme in major key donkey papist
The major hurdle in understanding the human mind
is the obsession for rationality of the minds
of those that study it

Erwin Schulhoff’s Symphonia Germanica LA bolducs
Je m’en vais au marché, lamp sonica zoom
Bernard parmegianees, l’oeil écoute bucket of cummings
Phil Anselmo = racist slumlord

Prion high pitches raeperkun F, lo mas bello
I want to go ilegaly to the U.S.
and beat the shit out of Phil Anselmo
but he is so chicken he would say “give me another chance”

TPAO batman orkestrasied ay beyaz deniz mavi animals within animals
ritual sample abuse, Buscemi beatz Malcom X falcon sex

Kaw I Men Namdi rugrats
DjChris time 786 rugrats theme

(Jersey Mix)

Death drum spines grinder and doomspeed secrets
Of the 45 Juoladaa Mushrooms
Wavved collar quick starts computer Dreams

Rain IV noise/lo mas bello experimentación
Sonora parte 7 animals within animals

Approach the world through your ears
Florenci Salesas ós i mel
Twitching kitten Ohio

April 2016

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