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When in a train heading north, I saw headlines pass at the bottom of the screen. One of them said that a gigantic toxic cloud was drifting over Berlin. I had apocalyptic visions of people dying in the streets, and thousands and thousands on the road, who tried to escape a certain death. Never could I expect, that on that very day Adrian was leisurely discussing the fire, while tucked away in a bookshop somewhere in Neukölln.

In Adrian’s words

Every time when I visit Curious Fox English books in Neukölln, I bring a bag of corks as an offering to the book deity. David Gordon takes them and the ritual begins: this first episode covers -‘nail varnish fires in Asian warehouses in Berlin’ – ‘FBI flower vans that block out the sun’ , -‘RBB, not radio but tv interviews’. -‘Gene Hackman’ ,and a plethora of customers regularly interrupting the banter. Don’t miss the coffee machine field recording half way through. Oh and books, books, books.

Curious Fox Books
Flughafen str 22.

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