Mitt Paté # 11 by Agnès Pe – special Radical Listening session in Bulegoa, Bilbao

Let’s start with a quote from a review: “Agnès Pe throws in the happiness, the spontaneous playfulness & the fun that you feel connected too and yet so new that it will always surprise you. I can’t put my finger on it and say this is what I like of this sound and style unless it would be a gigantic enormous finger to basically point at the entire music piece at the same time. It’s so much fun that it really feels that this needs to be shared, spread and cared for…”

#11 of her series Mitt Paté is perfect. Why? Because happiness and fun is everything, if deep down below there is also a sense of anger. And while the old school noise-musicians expressed only anger, with here and there a hint of art brut and dada, Agnès takes the noise-grandad out for a wheelchair ride in the park and listens patiently to his rants ,-and we know she loves him, just look at her wipe the slobber off his chin.

She revives noise, she emancipates the ordinary pop song, she celebrates commercial music cassettes that have landed in the bin, she embraces the traditional tearjerkers from the past and she defines a starting point for a new genre that goes way beyond collage-art and plunderphonics. Her art links directly to a way of living, experiencing, observing, caring.

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In her own words:

Mitt Pate # 11 is dedicated to a radical listening session held at the Summer Solstice Solokoetxe neighborhood in Bilbao on June 18.
The audience listened, closed his eyes, drew, danced or talked to his neighbor. Someone said not listen to music in a month. Capitalist listening, noise, layers, listening became oblique. The event lasted 3 hours and are summarized in half an hour. Confusion reigned there, the smile and the party came after all the buildup and the echo sound.

Playlist – Compaq Armada – Radiovy koutek // Jorge Reyes – Nahual Negro //

Blitzoids – Fire on the mountain //

Mc Trachiotomy – Track 1 // Testcard – TV Eye //

Koji Ueno – The tower of Druaga //

mitt pate11_extra_image

Mikhail Matiushin, Alexei Kruchenykh & Kazimir Malevich – Victory Over The Sun (Excerpts of The Cubo-Futurist Opera, 1913). Other Excerpts And Final Opera With “Military Song” //

monrakplengthai MRPT190 (thai) // Gara Garayev – Waltz (Seven beauties) // Twitching Kitten – Ohio //

Culturcide – Bruce // Carly Ptak – Your Fate Denies // Dj Basler – Rzeki Przejebane Ne Penej kurwie //

Mc Macaroni – circus galop, but played with the sm64 pan flute and an octave lower // CDR – Guritwch //

Mylene Farmer – The farmer’s conclusion // Máximo Respeto – I’m fine, thanks //

mitt pate11_extra_image

Shitmat – Gotta get drunk // John Watermann – Food for aliens // Los Xey – Buen Menú //

Lahbibi Ag Bilal – Yerudi // Malevolus Storm – Walk on home Phil //

Joan la Barba – Twelvesong

Texts: Pauline Oliveiros, Radical Listening Group

Voices: Emma, Rose

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