Interview with Coco and Kris Limbach

Meeting Coco and Kris Limbach at the Oranien studio turned out to be an electrifying experience on a steamy hot evening in Berlin.

Kris talked about filming under the moonlight in a desolated Spanish landscape, about wood fires and burried melons and the special meaning of the color purple to Spanish history, and of course about his film “The Lost Color” from which he played sound samples, because the soundtrack is something special too.

Coco presented her new tape “The Crystal Garden” which is a majestical piece of music, a carefully composed concept album with an auto-biographical touch. Coco gives an insight in ‘the making of’ of the tape, talks about American experiences, a found piano in the hospital and plays three tracks of the album, while improvising over it.

Adrian Shephard does the interview, and extends some of his questions to his adventures while putting his 2-year old daughter to sleep. You will never hear a better lullaby-interpretation of ‘old man river’ again!


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